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    Post  sD TreyFlip on Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:11 am

    Name -Treyton
    GB Rank - 22,991 & unranked (i have two accounts)
    Gb Name - TreyFlip101 & TreyFlip-GBstar
    URL 2 your gb - http://gamebattles.com/profile/TreyFlip101
    Do you sponge Xp or get free wins - I do not.
    Other - I will be on TreyFlip-GBstar until February because i got banned from call of duty world
    at war on my TreyFlip account for being accused of modding... which i dont. If this is a
    problem for you i can send u videos of me shooting as fast as a mod to prove i dont
    have one.

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