What Type Of GFX........


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    What Type Of GFX........

    Post  craiglukeere on Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:24 pm

    Yh well some people seem to get confused, so ill make a thread to help everyone out.

    A 64x64 pixel GFX that goes either in your GB profile or in your Team avatar.

    A 300x200 pixel GFX that Goes in your GB team.

    Any size really i normally have the wdith as 280 so it dont chop anythink off.
    It goes in your GB profile and basiclly has whatever you want on it.
    Just a GFX design for people to see, makes your profile stand out/

    Goes either in your GB profile or signature on the GB forums.
    You can get different types of sigs, Text sigs, Ones for your Gb sig, And for your Gb profile, or sigs of summink you like.
    They can be any size.

    They are 90x10 pixels, You can have anythink on them.
    Say if you use an m16 for instance, We could make a userbar/fanbar, and put an m16 on it, and put M16 user or whatever on it.

    Animation is GFX thats animated.
    They can go in anythink except Logo's or Avatar's as they all have to be still images. The only avatar they can go in is On the GB forums where animation is allowed.

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